Let's introduce ourselves

Bonjour, we are Loes and Remco. In 2018 we decided to change course and we exchanged our busy life and work at an advertising agency for a new future in beautiful Normand 

A ruin from 1750 became our new home

When we found our dream place in France it looked very different. Everything had to be done. The roof, septic tank, electricity, walls, floors, etc, etc. We have worked hard for three years to make our home of a dilapidated 250 year old farmhouse with 7,500 m2 of land. We have touched every stone and we are proud that we can now share this special place with others.

Our dogs
Dax and Dino

The two Cardigan Welsh Corgies with whom we share our French adventure. And of course they also came up with the plan to start a dog friendly mini campsite. Dax (the brown one) is the youngest of the two and we have had as a pup from the beginning. We adopted Dino when he was two years old. A match made in heaven.

Joie de vivre

We have exchanged our busy working life at an advertising agency in the Netherlands for this great adventure in the French countryside. A chance to reinvent ourselves and give new meaning to our lives with a small tourist business.

Looking for happiness

This of course also includes good food and drink. We can often be found in the kitchen to conjure up something tasty with a French cookbook and regional ingredients.

Our own place under the sun

With 7,500 m2 of land we regularly sit on the lawn mower to keep it all looking tidy. So do not be surprised if we come to mow your campsite one day. Furthermore, we are always busy to maintain and renovate our house.

Not wanting to wait for our retirement

That was clear to both of us. We wanted to take the step to France to build a business there and to give new meaning to the second half of our lives.





Address: La Petitière . 61350 Mantilly . France .

Mail: info@la-petitiere.com

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